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Meet The Altar of Divine Pleasures

Feeling adventurous?

Let's add some spices to your session, shall we? Embark on a journey of profound relaxation on the altar of explosive pleasure - also known as the "milking table". This bespoke session is designed to transcend ordinary relaxation, offering a blend of luxury, intimacy, and unparalleled pleasure.

Luxurious Milking Table

Unlike traditional massage tables, the milking table is uniquely designed to enhance the sensory experience and intimacy of your session.


Here’s how:


  • Enhanced Accessibility: The milking table features a strategic opening that allows me to provide stimulating and therapeutic touches from underneath the table, adding a layer of novelty and versatility to your massage experience.


  • Comfort and Versatility: Whether you choose to lie on your belly or back, the milking table ensures continuous comfort and support throughout the session - with your lingam being accessible at all times! This simply doesn't apply to the usual sensual sessions on a futon.


  • Intimate Sensation: The milking table’s innovative design facilitates an intimate and immersive experience that goes WAY beyond traditional massage techniques. Strapping to table and bondage optional add-on!  (;


Discover the Milking Table Massage Experience

Extensive lingam massage - your intimate area pampered from start to finish - meticulously crafted to heighten sensitivity and unlock deep-seated tensions. You will also receive back, buttocks, abdomen and legs massage (hands, head massage included for 90 mins sessions or longer) - with optional body to body slides. 


During your session, indulge in optional sensual body-to-body slides that enhance your connection with the masseuse, intensifying every touch and sensation. The unique design of our milking table allows for flexible positioning—whether lying on your belly or back, you'll experience continuous comfort and uninhibited access to exquisite massages from various angles, including underneath the table.


Who Might Appreciate This Experience?

  • Seekers of Deep Relaxation and Novelty

  • Explorers of Sensuality: Anyone curious about exploring new dimensions of sensual pleasure in a safe and professional environment.

  • Connoisseurs of Exclusive Treatments: Those who appreciate bespoke services that cater to their unique desires and preferences.


Experience the synergy of relaxation and arousal in a private and luxurious setting. Surrender to this wonderfully kinky, sensual and luxurious bliss and redefine your concept of indulgence with our sophisticated milking table massage.


Please note that the fee for milking table massage session: £222. 

Cash, card, bank transfer payments accepted. Discreet reference. 

Image by Fruit Basket Agency

Ready for your milking table experience? Have questions?




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