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How it all started

I often get asked questions about how I started this job, so thought writing a quick post about my exprience could be interesting to some:)!

In 2020, just before the pandemic, I found myself in a situationship with a man who had kinks and fetishes I had never encountered before. Until then, I had only experienced vanilla relationships and situationships, devoid of spice or any open, honest discussions about sexuality whatsoever. This man introduced me to the kinky scene, revealing a whole new world beyond the vanilla.

One day, wanting to surprise him, I decided to find a sexual massage therapist for both of us. I found a woman online who seemed nice, and after a quick chat about her services, we set a time and date. She arrived punctually, and I led her to his upstairs apartment. The session was fun, with both of us massaging and playing with him. It was kinky and different, unlike anything I had done before. Despite my initial uncertainty, I found it surprisingly enjoyable. I was amazed by how much could be done with just HANDS! Until then, I had never given a 'handjob' because I never thought it was interesting enough, always believing that using the mouth was the way to go for maximum pleasure (thanks for nothing, porn). But when I saw the various techniques she used on him, I was very impressed.

After the session, I offered to walk her to her studio. As we walked, we shared a lot about our personal lives and got along very well. We then stayed in contact, and I began flirting with the idea of entering the massage world myself. It seemed fun, almost stress-free (little did I know then(;!), and offered flexible hours—just what I needed. However, I wasn't 100% sure if it was what I wanted, so I took my time deciding. In the meantime, I practised my techniques on my situationship and his lingam, learning from reading and watching videos online and his feedback.

In early 2022, I decided to leave the overly complex situationship. Now was the perfect time to join the sensual massage world. I arranged to meet with Jane, the sensual masseuse. Initially, I was only supposed to have a chat with her at her studio. However, upon arrival, she informed me that her regular client wanted to meet me and was on his way. Truth be told, I felt uncomfortable as I had no experience and no idea what to do. This was supposed to be just a conversation about the job, not an actual "test" session. Yet, Jane, being persuasive, convinced me to agree to see the client with her. I decided to meet him in my lingerie, not feeling comfortable with full nudity at that time. The session ended up being fun, filled with chit-chat and fantasy talk. At that point, I felt like I was already committed and decided to dive in.

I took a massage course in Level 3 Diploma in Holistic/Swedish massage and started by working one or two days per week, usually half days, as I still had another job to focus on. By October 2022, I transitioned to more full-time hours, working alongside Jane at the same studio. However, I soon realised her technique and style were not what I wanted to pursue. Her approach was purely sexual, involving body-to-body massage and 'extras' like oral sex (she has since moved on to even more daring activities). Her back-to-back bookings with little time in between were not appealing to me. While I respect her choice (and anyone's who desires purely sexual connections with more explicit fun in the process), I felt a desire to offer something more meaningful, focusing on genuine human connection rather than just the 'ending' or 'explosion' - and off you go...

I then connected with a couple of colleagues who were more spiritually inclined and introduced me to tantra. I started attending workshops and lessons, and soon yoga, breath work, and sound baths followed. This opened up a whole new world of opportunities, and I was immediately hooked. This was exactly what I had been searching for all along. After some time, Jane and I decided to go our separate ways (though we remain in regular contact). I relocated to Liverpool Street, a place I had been drawn to for a while.

The rest is history. I am now on an ever-learning path, thriving in my wonderful studio, and have enjoyed providing cuddly, intimate sessions to many wonderful clients at my holistic space since May 2023. I am excited to see what else the future holds for me!:)



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