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Lingam Massage - What to Expect?

What is a Lingam Massage?

The term "Lingam" originates from ancient Indian and Hindu traditions, particularly within the context of tantra. In Sanskrit, "Lingam" (लिंगम्) refers to the phallus or male genitalia, and it is often associated with the Hindu god Shiva, who is a central figure in tantra.

Lingam massage is a form of sensual and intimate massage therapy that primarily focuses on the male genitalia, particularly the penis - aka lingam. This massage is rooted in neo - tantra (aka modern - Westernised tantra) and aims to provide relaxation, pleasure, and connection with one's own sensuality.

There are multiple lingam massage techniques of various styles. This may include gentle stroking and massaging, to enhance sensations and promote a deeper sense of intimacy and awareness. We will be looking into various lingam massage techniques later in this post.

It is important to point out that the main purpose of Lingam massage is not sexual gratification (although an explosion is a welcomed bonus for the Receiver) but rather creating a mindful and sensual experience, connecting the Receiver with their inner sensuality.

Tantra views sexuality as a sacred and integral part of human experience, and this massage aims to promote a deeper connection with one's own body, emotions, and spirituality. Here are some key elements the Receiver may connect with during a Lingam massage, as referred to in tantra:

  1. Sensuality and Pleasure: You, the Receiver, are encouraged to connect with your own sensations and pleasure. The focus is on being fully present in the moment and savouring the sensory experience.

  2. Energetic Flow: Tantra emphasises the flow of sexual energy throughout the body. The Receiver may connect with this energy and learn to circulate it for increased vitality and spiritual connection.

  3. Emotions: Tantra recognises that emotions are an integral part of our sexuality. As the Receiver, you may connect with your emotions, allowing them to surface and be acknowledged during the massage.

  4. Spirituality: Tantra often incorporates spiritual elements, and the Receiver may connect with a sense of spirituality or transcendence during the massage, fostering a deeper connection with the divine or your higher self.

What are some of the most popular Lingam massage techniques?

Frenulum Sensations

The frenulum is often a very erotogenous zone that most women - and some men - overlook!

The frenulum is situated where the underside of your penis meets the foreskin, creating a small V-shaped structure just below the head. Even after circumcision, a portion of the frenulum typically remains. Due to the location of nerve endings in the area, this sweet spot can often be particularly sensitive. In fact, some claim that the frenulum is to the penis what the clitoris is to the vulva.

Firstly, the practitioner will gently apply oil/lube (depending on your preference) whilst rolling the frenulum between her fingers. At the beginning, the pressure is extremely light, but can increase in intensity; pending your - the Receiver's wishes.

Then, the therapist traces circular shapes with her fingertips, lightly rolling her finger along the frenulum. There may also be tickling involved, along with the use of a knuckle - for more intensity.

A little tip: If trying out this technique in your private life, your partner may also use their lips and tongue to gently suck on your frenulum, which will add extra spice to the divine sensations. Additionally, your partner may use a vibrator and hold it against your Lingam, whilst they continue to massage your frenulum using their fingers. While this particular 'spice' is not offered on my massage menu, it's worth keeping it in mind for when you are playing in your 'real' life. (:

Healing Grip

One of my personal favourites! This technique involves placing one hand at the base of the Lingam and the other at the tip. With one hand stroking from the testicles to the 'crown' and the other hand sliding down, both hands pausing briefly at the ends. Repeat. This is a simple yet effective and widely popular Lingam massage technique.

Ave Maria

This technique involves holding both hands in a prayer position, with the Lingam cushioned in between them. The therapist will then move the hands up and down the Lingam, gently pressing the hands together to intensify the sensual energy flow. This technique is also very well received by lovely clients, with some of them reporting that it feels like "having intercourse". One needs to go gently on this technique to avoid an early explosion.

The Screwdriver (also known as Bottle Opener)

I have not encountered a man who does not derive enjoyment from this specific technique. First, the therapist initiates by gently encircling the base of the shaft with her thumb and index finger. Subsequently, her other hand envelops the head of your Lingam, commencing a skilled and rhythmic twisting motion in opposing directions. This technique is highly effective and widely embraced, promising to provide a pleasurable sensation and promote increased circulation to precisely where one appreciates it the most. (;

The Pause (Calm in between the storms:)

One hand rests on the Lingam, the other on the testicles. The masseuse holds still, usually without applying any additional pressure. This technique is very welcomed when the Receiver has been edged plenty and needs to take some timeout.

There are many more excellent techniques, and I shall share more with you soon! Watch this space!

A few general tips and techniques that are often incorporated into Lingam Massage include:

  1. Stroking and Massaging: Gentle and rhythmic strokes are often used to relax and stimulate the genital area.

  2. Breath-work: Breath awareness techniques can enhance relaxation and sensitivity during the massage.

  3. Prostate Massage: Some Receivers may also wish to include a prostate massage as part of their Lingam massage experience.

  4. Edging: This involves bringing the Receiver to the edge of orgasm and then pausing to prolong pleasure and build anticipation. Much requested spice in my studio!

  5. Pressure Points: Massaging specific pressure points on the genitals and surrounding areas can increase sensitivity and pleasure.

  6. Feathering: Light, feather-like touches can create heightened sensations.

  7. Circling: Circular motions around the head and shaft of the penis can be pleasurable.

  8. Testicle Massage: Gentle (or stronger:) massage of the testicles can be incorporated into the massage should the Receiver wish to do so.

How to prepare for your lingam session - and make the most of it?

  • For the best results and sublime experience - please try not to intimately touch your Lingam at least 48 hours before your Lingam massage session. I understand that this is a lot to ask, but trust me - you won't regret it! (:

  • If at all possible, try avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and drugs (unless you take prescribed medication) for at least 24 hours prior to your session.

  • Eat light foods on the day of your session. Part of the session will involve you lying on your stomach, so it's advisable not to consume heavy meals. This way, you can enjoy your session as comfortably as possible.

  • Overall hygiene isn't just a habit; it's a reflection of self-respect and consideration for those around us. Therefore, please shower thoroughly right before your session - you may use shower in my studio.

  • Please communicate any specific needs you may have in advance to ensure you receive the best possible experience

  • Ask away - don't be shy! If you never ask, you'll never know. I have heard it all, there is nothing that can surprise me, please do not be embarrassed - this is a safe and non judgmental space, make the most of it! (:

Are there any contraindications?

As with all massages, Lingam massage comes with certain contraindications you should be aware of. Please find said contraindications below:

  1. Recent Genital Surgery: If you have recently undergone surgery on your genital area, you should avoid Lingam massage until you have fully healed and received clearance from a medical professional.

  2. Open Sores or Lesions: The presence of open sores, lesions, or skin conditions on the genital area can increase the risk of infection and discomfort. Lingam massage should be avoided until the condition has healed.

  3. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): One needn't mention more, as this is an obvious one.

  4. Severe Physical or Emotional Trauma: If you have experienced severe physical or emotional trauma, especially related to the genital area, you may not be ready for a Lingam massage. It's essential to approach such cases with sensitivity and care. I will be happy to discuss with you further, and assess whether or not you are a suitable Receiver of a Lingam massage.

  5. Pain or Discomfort: If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or sensitivity in the genital area, the massage should/will be adjusted accordingly or postponed until the issue is resolved. Please do communicate any of these with me prior to start of the session.

  6. Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as priapism (a prolonged and painful erection) may also be a contraindication. You should seek medical advice before participating in Lingam massage with me. Your health and comfort must come first!

  7. Allergies or Sensitivities: Please do advise if there are any allergies or sensitivities to massage oils or lubricants that may be used during the massage. I use various oils, including hypoallergenic ones, and it is important that you inform me about any allergies so that I make sure to use the right oils for you.

Prior to engaging in any form of sensual or intimate massage, it's essential for both parties to communicate openly, establish boundaries, and prioritise safety and consent. If there are any concerns or uncertainties you have, please let me know so that we can discuss these together.



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