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BDSM Massage/Dark Tantra Massage

Tired of always being the one in control? Craving the intoxicating thrill of surrender?

My BDSM-inspired massage service invites you to relinquish the reins and explore the depths of your desires. Whether you yearn to be sensually restrained, crave the sting of a well-placed spank, or dream of an exhilarating outdoor adventure with a remotely operated vibrating buttplug/vibrator, my sessions are crafted for those of you who seek the perfect blend of dominance and submission.


Let go of the ordinary and step into a world where your fantasies come to life, guided by experienced hands that prioritise your comfort and consent

Not for the faint hearted. (-; 

Disclaimer: I engage in low to medium domination. I do not engage in hardcore domination. Please discuss with me prior to booking your session, to ensure no boundaries are crossed and that you get what you desire out of the session.

kinky shoes


Powerless. At my mercy.

Public Play

Do you dare? ... Recommended for returning clients, as it is important that trust has been established between Dom and sub prior to arranging outdoor fun. 

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