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Image by Milad Fakurian

Be a Part of Sara's Sensory Special

Indulge in Tranquil Bliss:


Sara's  Special Offer - A One-Hour Sensory Journey- 26 March- 10 April ONLY

Welcome to a transformative and exclusive special, a unique 60-min ceremony meticulously designed to immerse you in a realm of relaxation and pleasure. This limited-time offering combines the therapeutic power of sound bath meditation OR Shiva's Shibari SHIBLISS tie and tease experience - combined with the artistry of tantric massage and sensual touch for a blissful and pleasantly rejuvenating experience. I am still learning about sound therapy as well as the art of shibari- and this is where you come in, as I would love your opinion on the matter! I am offering this unique session to those interested in taking part in this sensory experience. Please read the information below to help you decide if this session is right for you. 

Shower - my shower is currently handheld only, hence why the reduction in fees. It still does the job, but want you to be 100% pampered and comfortable. A new, overhead, waterfall shower, is coming later in April. 

Session duration - 60 minutes

Fee-  £160  (instead of £200!)

Ceremony Highlights:

 ♡Tailored Consultation:

Prior to the ceremony, indulge in a personalised consultation to ensure your preferences and boundaries are respected. Share your expectations and desires, allowing me to tailor the experience to your unique needs.


♡Optional Five Senses Ritual

Embark on your sensory journey with a ritual engaging all five senses, setting the stage for profound relaxation. I will be attired for the occasion and guide you through the enchanting practice of eye gazing, establishing a connection that transcends the ordinary.

♡ Optional: Either: A Soothing Sound Meditation:

Immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations of Tibetan and crystal healing bowls, along with other gentle instruments, during your private, bespoke sound bath meditation. This sound bath serves as a tranquil prelude, calming both mind and body in preparation for your upcoming tantric massage.

♡ Or: Shiva Shibari:Shibliss:Tie and Tease Play

I have attended a few shibari sessions since November 2023. I try to learn whenever I can, but busy schedule does not always match the tutor's availability. I would be excited to practise on you! Ideally, you should be a returning client, as mutual trust is very important for this type of play. Please contact me to discuss.

♡ Tantric Massage with Lingam Focus:

The heart of the ceremony unfolds with an expertly crafted one-hour tantric or sensual massage - please choose which you prefer, or, we can combine elements of both. While I incorporate tantric elements, rest assured that your comfort and boundaries will be prioritised and your consent will be sought prior to the session commencing. The experience culminates in an extensive lingam massage featuring various techniques, aiming to provide a heightened sense of pleasure and relaxation.

♡ Optional Sound Healing Finale:

Conclude your ceremony with an optional round of sound healing to further deepen the sense of tranquility and balance.

♡ Post-Ceremony Consultation:

Following the ceremony, I would appreciate it if you could take part in a prompt, reflective post-massage consultation. Share your thoughts, feelings, and any insights gained during this exceptional experience.


​♡ Shower Amenities:

Enjoy the convenience of pre and post-ceremony showers, ensuring a fresh and rejuvenated feeling before and after your journey. My studio is lovely, cosy and clean - my shower is currently a humble, handheld shower with average London water pressure- beware:). 

♡ Opportunity for Feedback: 

This special offering serves as a research project exploring the potential benefits of sound healing in alleviating anxiety. I invite your candid feedback on how (if at all!) the combination of sound meditation and tantric massage influences your mental and physical state, especially in the context of lingam relaxation and orgasmic experiences.

♡ Book YourBliss:

Indulge in this exclusive two-hour ceremony available only between 27 March- 10 April. I am limiting these slots to three per day, so book now to secure your transformative experience and contribute to my exploration of the profound connection between sound healing and pleasure. I look forward to guiding you on this sensory journey of self-discovery and relaxation. ♡ As usual, I never rush clients, so rest assured you will have the time and space to enjoy the session to the fullest.

Please text/Whatsapp me on 07979075079. I almost never answer phonecalls, as I am usually busy attending to a client or doing something else - but I will be more than happy to book you in for a phonecall at specific time that will suit us both. 

What to expect:

Apply Today

Would you like to be a part of my case study? Please apply within:) (texts or WhatsApp messages first - and, if you like, an arranged phonecall later:) 


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