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How to Please HER; The Sacred Art of Yoni Massage

Far more than a mere physical experience, yoni massage is a sacred ritual that celebrates female sexuality, awakening sensuality and empowering women to reclaim ownership of their bodies and experience pure pleasure.

Yoni massage involves the gentle and respectful touching and massaging of the yoni (vagina) and surrounding areas. Like lingam massage, this is a deeply intimate practice that requires communication and consent between the giver and receiver. Furthermore, gentle, through mindful touch and loving intention, yoni massage seeks to release physical and emotional tension, cultivate pleasure, and awaken (dormant) sensual energy.

Benefits? There are many benefits of yoni massage, ranging from increased sexual pleasure and vitality to improved emotional well-being, self-love and self-awareness. By honouring and nurturing the sacred space of the yoni, women can experience profound healing, empowerment, and connection with their bodies.

Now, how to treat her yoni?

  • Approach yoni massage with reverence and humility, acknowledging the sacredness of the feminine body and the power it holds.

  • Be kind and loving to her. Remember: consent is incredibly important.

  • Shower her in kisses on and around the thighs, circle around the yoni with your fingertips. Edge her before you touch /massage Her (sacred yoni).

  • Make sure you create a safe and comfortable space free from distractions, where both giver and receiver can fully surrender to the experience.

  • Prioritise open communication, ensuring that boundaries are respected and desires are openly expressed.

  • She will likely be very excited from all the teasing, but you may also wish to use lube or coconut oil to massage Her.

If you would like to learn how to do a sensual massage, including an extensive massage of the yoni, we provide one on one workshops (you are welcome to bring a model or we can provide you with one). Please enquire to discuss further. We also work with a wonderful masseur, who has 10+ years of experience providing and teaching tantric massages and is happy to provide sensual and yoni massages to women - be it as one on ones or F/M F/M couples massage.

How to Make Her MELT in your hands:

I will be adding more yoni massage tips over the next few months. (;

My favourite porn star, Hunk Hands, has a wonderful website and dozens of beautiful, exciting and yet educational, videos of massaging lovely yonis. If you want to learn how to pamper and please a woman but are not quite ready to come to a workshop, you may wish to look him up on Google. His story of self-love and love for yonis and sensual massages is quite fascinating.



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